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Trenton DeSpain moved to Marble Falls in 2000. She teaches at Marble Falls Middle School and has been in the fitness industry for 32 years. Fitness and nutrition are a way of life for her entire family and she says, "Since we were given one body we might as well cherish it and treat it well." Spinning® has become a beneficial addition to her fitness routine. The calorie output is amazing for weight maintenance and loss, and spicing it up with added resistance training for bone density, improved recovery ability and muscle restoration makes it a complete package. In one hour, one is able to complete a full body workout, interact with other fabulous people and grasp a piece of mind that only exercise is able to offer. Come have fun, get fit and looking great is just a bonus!

Brenda Morris, esthetician and owner of InnerZen and Marble Falls Restorative Skin Care and has had the pleasure of caring for the needs of her clients for more 15 years. She has also been involved in the leadership, development and promotion of the community; receiving the 'Citizen of the Year' award, 'Lifetime Achievement' award, as well as serving the Marble Falls Lake LBJ Chamber as executive director. Brenda continues to have a great vision for the needs of this area. "I have noticed many of my clients are searching for something else to help maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle", Brenda said.
Since she understands the importance of maintaining the mind body connection through balance, she realized one thing lacking in Marble Falls.... was a place where maturing ladies and gentlemen could get healthy in an environment where they felt welcomed and comfortable. They wanted smaller intimate exercise and movement classes and a place where one would benefit from a full body workout in 60 minutes or less. That's when the idea of opening an Official Spinning and Bodywork studio began to develop. After months of research and training to become an Official Spinning® and UGI® Instructor, InnerZen was established.

Jen Cannavino-Charltonmoved to Horseshoe Bay to escape the busyness of Houston. In 1985 she started her dental career as an assistant. In 1993 she became a dental hygienist.
Excersize has always been part of her life with running, hiking, walking, tennis and weight training.  Over the years it has taken a toll on her body. Trying something new and easy on your joints and bones she quickly became addicted to Spinning. So much that she became a certified Spinning instructor.
I enjoy helping others and it very hard for me to say NO! With that said she is active with her daughter's actives with school, tennis, 4-H and Horseback Competitions. Jen is on the board for Hill Country Children's Adoc. Center, Freedom flyers 501c, Marble Falls Dental Rotary Clinic, Marble Falls Chamber actives to help the City grow. Looking forward to helping InnerZen clients become overall Healthy!

Midge Dockery has lived and worked in Marble Falls for 30 years. Exercise and fitness have always been a priority to her and she has remained active her entire life. She has instructed step aerobics, floor routine and abdominal classes and is recently Spin certified. She prefers exercising in a group setting where participants can be accountable to and encourage & motivate one another. Midge also believes that music plays a vital role in exercise and can help to create a fun and motivational atmosphere for your workout. All of these pieces come together perfectly for her to be a Spinning instructor! She looks forward to having you come Spin with her!
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