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Spin® and Yoga: As a "Revolutioner," you will concentrate on the mind/body connection of cycling on a Spin® bike, translate your mental focus into action. Yoga follows to continue your mind/body connection on the mat, then off the mat and into your world. This class is suitable for all participants.
Spin® and Stretch: All you "Soulful Cyclers" will be met with a Moderate paced, fat burning Spin® class followed with stretching with UGI® ball and/ or straps.
Spin® and Pump: Hey "Road Rashers," this Fusion class combines calorie - burning Spinning® with resistance training by utilizing weights, tubing, floor work and UGI® for added muscle definition and strength.
Spin® and Touring: A ride for you "Easy Riders." You can almost smell the flowers in the field and feel the sunlight on your face while we go for a cruise on your bike. For beginners, those in recovery, or when you feel like riding at a "chill out" pace and listening to really cool tunes.
Spin® Class: Did someone say Spinning®? "Peddle Pushers" this class in for you. One full-on hour of a great workout! Dig deep, sweat and have fun!
Intro to Spinning®: Put on your Training Wheels and learn how to set yourself up for success. Get your "numbers." Learn the basics and proper techniques. Then we ride. Check the website for the time and dates for this class.
Spin®, Core and More: Calling all "Fit Clubbers!" Spin® to uplifting, fun-paced music to wake up to your aerobic capacity followed by core strengthening Pilates or a UGI® ball workout.
Class Prices
Class Prices

Single Sessions Price
Single Class $15.00
Multiple Classes # of Classes Price
5 Class Pass 5 $60.00
10 Class Pass 10 $125.00
25 Class Pass 25 $250.00
Unlimited Sessions Duration Price
6 Month Unlimited - Prepaid 6 Months $575.00
One Month Unlimited - Prepaid (3 mo. min) 1 Month $360.00
Yearly Unlimited - Prepaid 12 Months $999.00

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