Welcome to InnerZen Spinning® & UGI® Boutique

What is Spinning®?

Spinning® is a group class done on a special stationary bike that replicate ROAD bikes. Your instructor simulates a ride on flat roads, climbing hills, and racing. All this with great MUSIC.

Spinning® is ideal for everyone, no matter your current level of fitness. De-Stress, Lose weight and get fit faster than ever before. InnerZen will get you results fast. Keep your muscles in shape, have fun, listen to good music and burn up to 700 calories in a single class! Your Body, Your Mind, Your Ride, You're in control!
Our Official Spinning® and Bodywork Studio is designed to create a fun workout. Music is carefully chosen to inspire and motivate. When you get off your bike you will be energized and ready for YOUR DAY AND YOUR next class.
Book Online – Join The Pack today. Check out our class schedule. You can pay as you go or purchase one of our many discounted class pass packages.

What is UGI®?

Ugi® – U Got It. Show it off.

Ugi® is the ultimate 30-minute workout that combines strength, cardio and core training into the most fun, challenging, stylish way of becoming functionally fit.

Ugi® is a workout that can go anywhere, and that makes people feel good about their bodies, energy and health.

Two years of research and development led to the Ugi® ball itself, which has the squish of a beanbag, the bounce-back of a stress ball and the beauty of simple design.

And a lifetime of professional training experience went into creating the Ugi® 5 day a week, 30-minute, total functional fitness program. The series of one-minute exercises are efficient enough to change your body completely – from warm up, cardio, strength conditioning, balance to cool down, and flexible enough to be done anywhere – from home, gym, beach to office.

Fifteen inches in diameter, weighted to meet individual fitness needs, the Ugi® ball is so versatile that it works in the smallest of living rooms. And it's so attractively designed, you don't need to put it away when you're done.

With UGI® You Can:

  • exercise almost anywhere
  • create endless variations of the 30 minute workout
  • put two days together to make a one-hour total body workout, three days a week
  • cut the intervals down to 30 seconds to get a 15 minute workout
  • mix it up endlessly
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Class Cancellations

If a class is cancelled due to bad weather or for any reason, we will post on line on the class schedule in RED and on facebook. 

We will also call, text and email everyone who attends that class on a regular basis.

We will try our best not to miss anyone with these notifications.
We will also try our best to answer any and all questions from facebook posts.

Want a private class? Buy a monthly unlimited class pass and receive 1 private session of your choice Spinning® - UGI® - YOGA - Personal Training

Please remember once you reserve your bike your account will be charged for that class. If you wish to cancel we ask you do so within 12 hours of the class time. Late cancellations will
be charged one class

For a private group class, Introduction to Spin, or a class for you and your friends or co-workers,
please contact Brenda.

These classes are designed for 6 - 10 people who are interested in InnerZen and Spin. Class time can be scheduled for Friday after work or Saturday morning.